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Hot yoga


Benefits of Hot Yoga  

Here we will take a look at the benefits of hot yoga but, first Bikram and hot yoga are not the same as some people seem to think. Bikram yoga has 26 positions and classes are taken quite seriously starting with meditation and set to a script. The classes are normally conducted in a carpeted room with the front wall mirrored and bright lighting. Leaving before the class has finished would be frowned upon.  

Hot yoga is very much more of a relaxed atmosphere, there are far more challenging positions and interaction with your tutor and fellow students is encouraged, you can also take a break if you find the heat or performing the positions too much for you, the classes can be taken in a room with subdued lighting and music playing.  

Hot yoga  

Today, Hot yoga is not only used for relaxation and meditation. Because of its challenging positions and extensive movements, it became more of like an exercise. If you want to lose weight the best and safest way than doing boring routines at the gym or taking up some slimming pills with adverse side effects, then it’s time for you to turn on to this activity.  

The high temperature in a room where a yoga session is being conducted can greatly affect to the people doing it. It brings so many benefits that an excruciating heat can unexpectedly bring about. This can actually refer to any kind of yoga you prefer to perform as long as it is being done in a heated room, naturally or artificially.  


The heat of the room can actually reach as low as 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 degrees Celsius). The heat was being integrated by many of its studios especially those whose offering Bikram to their clients since the heat was believed to improve the traditional way of executing yoga postures 

The hotter your body can feel, the more sweat it releases to prevent overheating which just may result in heatstroke. Your body will relatively react to some changes in the environment like intense heat enabling your system to release moisture particularly water with some traces of minerals to cool down your system.  


The positions do a lot of stretching and bodily movements which incorporate your body weight resistance. It’s like using your own body weight in replace of a number of heavyweight equipment available in the gym. It’s relatively safe too since you will no longer estimate how heavy you can go which sometimes causes muscle tissue injuries and skeletal fractures as well if misguided since you are just only using your body itself as your equipment.  


Water retention is actually another reason why you can’t get rid of fat. Majority of our entire body is composed of water. It’s true that water is vital not only to humans but to many things around us. That’s why it’s called the “universal solvent”. But what you do not know is that water can actually be toxic to your system if excessively taken. You can, however, prevent water retention by reducing the amount of salt intake and by doing vigorous exercises like. By sweating a lot, you’ll get drained letting your reserved fats on your system be utilized.  

Fat tissues are always there though; you can’t get rid of those unless you undergo invasive procedures like liposuction. All you can do is to flatten them by draining them out of water.  


It doesn’t mean that you have to refrain from drinking water anymore especially when doing hot yoga. It’s always important to hydrate your system every session you do with any liquids like energy drinks. This activity especially those with vigorous extensive movements can undoubtedly help you trim down those stubborn fats. But whatever you do, do them in moderation for anything too much can sometimes lead to complications.   

Hot Yoga v Bikram  

Some people will say that hot yoga is done in so much hotter place than that of Bikram, while others will say that Bikram has more challenging movement than the first-mentioned yoga. Knowing the facts about the two would surely help you which one is the most suitable and beneficial.  

Talking about the atmosphere, Bikram class is stricter. As soon as you start the session, you immediately begin your meditation, extra movements and unnecessary noise are not allowed. Hot class, on the other side, was said to be a little bit lenient to yoga etiquette. Everyone will really feel more relaxed than stiff.  


When it comes to the intensity of the heat, Bikram session feels like being in a wall of fire like there’s no way to get out of it. Hot exercise, however, has lesser heat intensity. It’s like a humid environment rather than hot where the place seemed to be so dry as a dessert.  

Doing Bikram yoga can make you sweat a lot even at the moment you enter the room where you take the session and, on the way, while doing it until you finish your shower. You will really heat up your system from the start till the end of the session. Doing hot exercise doesn’t make you sweat at the beginning. Only in the middle part of the session, your body starts to react from the heat. This activity won’t make your sweat as much like that of Bikram.  


The postures in Bikram also differs. It is done with a set of 26 positions. Its poses are more challenging to do considering the intense hot environment of the room. On the other hand, hot yoga does more different poses and is being done in a very fast-paced succeeding manner.  


Bikram uses a set script. If you’ve been attending the class regularly, you will be able to even recite them in your head. There are some instances when the instructor may deviate of the script and provide the class with some insights about life, stretching or the benefits of doing the poses, but generally, the dialogue in the class remains fundamentally the same.  

Hot exercise session dialogues were more open. The instructor will explain the postures, talk about chakras and tell something about the music that was playing while you doing the poses. Communication can be more relaxed, which may lead your thoughts to think if you will just be left to focus on breathing or silence. While free communication will surely help you stay in several of the challenging positions, even without knowing it you can. It sometimes made you laugh quietly and lose your concentration. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad to have fun in the class, but you’re in a class not to chat with your instructor but you are doing it because you need a peace of mind.  

Above all, Bikram is not better than hot nor Hot is better than Bikram. It’s simply because you can do hot yoga with and kind of yoga you prefer even if it’s a Bikram class. It’s simply the integration of the heat while doing any kind of sessions.  

Tips for hot yoga  

  • Don’t jump in at the deep end if you are taking your very first yoga class, I suggest you take a few of the ordinary yoga classes before thinking about hot yoga.  
  • Hydrate and eat healthily throughout the day. You are going to be sweating and twisting your body in the yoga class so try not to drink anything 15 mins before and not eat 1-hour before your session.  
  • Your clothing should not be too baggy or loose-fitting as when you sweat this will make your clothing heavy. Wear something you feel comfortable in when sweating.  
  • Don’t push yourself practising yoga is a learning curve. If you find the positions a bit hard, do one that you are able to do or if the heat is too much take a break.   
  • Take two towels and a mat, one of the towels is for the mat to stop you slipping when it gets wet from your sweat and a smaller one to wipe the sweat from your eyes while you’re working out.  
  • If you are new to hot yoga it might well pay you to arrive early for class so that your body can adjust to the temperature before the class begins.  

I hope this has given you a bit of an introduction into hot yoga, how the classes will conduct, what sort of temperature to expect along will a few tips. Just enjoy it.